To create an education management tool for afterschool students, teachers and parents to make magic, everyday.

This project is an ode to the time I spent as an afterschool teacher, immersing myself with over 100 kids doing visual arts, sports and life together.

Why worry about afterschool programs?

The Problem
During my work and research, I wasn't able to find a well designed, easy to use afterschool software for running and discovering programs. The options that did exist, felt dated, text heavy, overwhelming or unaffordable for a small program.

The Solution? Afterscope.

An afterschool management software for parents to discover programs, teachers to run activities and students to keep a track of their progress.

Let's break it down.

I created three variations of the Afterscope logo which represent four areas; skill based learning, physical training, arts and mental well being.

An education app without color is like a fruit without flavour. Vibrant and cheery, mango and little boy blue are meant to make the buttons pop.

Davys Grey is used for the text and red accents add garnishing touches to the designs.

Personalised Dashboard

Teachers need to keep a track of their daily schedule, classes and activities. The dashboard lays out this information the moment they login.


Parents are always concerned about finding the best program for their kids. The discovery tool allows them to make an informed choice.


Students like to keep a track of their progress through the school year. The profile page allows them to check their grades, classes and network.


Parents, teachers and students need ways to communicate beyond email and phone for urgent messages beyond school hours. This tool allows them to do so in a professional manner.

Next Steps
These screens resulted in a high fidelity prototype for iPadOS. I have tested it with students, parents and teachers in the education field. I intend to develop the product further and pitch it to afterschool programs.

I worked on the design individually. For research, I worked with teammates Lara Teile and Cynthia Chiofolo.

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